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QuakerHoughton Chemicals

The global leader in industrial process fluids.

The global leader in industrial process fluids, we continually improve and innovate so our customers can stay ahead in a changing world.
If it’s made of metal, if it’s rolled, cut, drawn or cast, Quaker Houghton is there, optimizing processes, reducing costs, advancing safety and sustainability …and driving progress.
We take on our customers’ challenges as our own, bringing the right combination of science, engineering, and business savvy so they can meet the future fully confident that their operations will run even more efficiently, even more effectively...whatever comes next.

        Our Offerings

  • Metal Working Oils

  • Rust Preventives

  • Drawing & Forming Fluids

  • Die Casting Fluids

  • Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

  • Forging Fluids

  • Industrial Lubes & Greases

  • Neat Cutting Oils

  • Non- Ferrous Rolling Oils

  • Quenching Oils

  • Specialty Coatings

  • Steel Rolling Oils

  • Surface Treatment Fluids

QuakerHoughton Chemicals: Products
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