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All over the world, you will find MONTRONIX tool and process monitoring solutions in the metal works industry with potential uses in nearly all shape cutting and chipping processes:

MONTRONIX detects and diagnoses manufacturing problems and contributes to reducing production costs.

MONTRONIX stands for: Metal cutting – with perfect control.


Applications - Metal Working Industry

  • Machine Protection

  • Machine Diagnostics

  • Tool & Process Monitoring


Applications, areas of application and functionality

  • Process monitoring

  • Tool monitoring (tool breakage, tool wear, tool missing)

  • Collision detection - Collision detection in realtime & immediately forcing machine hard-stop (< 1 millisecond!) minimizes damage to spindles, tools, workpieces and other parts of the machine.

  • Measuring of vibration, acoustic emission, force, power, and frequency to detect process irregularities

  • Tools, also less than 3 mm in diameter

  • Detection of micro-breakouts on cutting inserts • Thread quality

  • Strong fluctuations allowance

  • Material differences (micro-cavities, inclusions, ...)

  • Process optimisation

  • Detect unwanted deviations from the planned machining process

  • Optimize processing and cycle times

  • Effectively generate and read analytical data.

  • Machine protection

  • Collision monitoring

  • Vibration overload detection

  • Reduce costs by avoiding machine shut downs

  • Machine diagnostics

  • Increase processing quality

  • Process and cutting data optimization

  • Detect wear of machine components

  • Detect tool or spindle imbalance

  • Predictive maintenance



  • Verification and optimization of tool averages.

  • Measure vibrations in machining processes to detect specific features

  • Find causes for process/quality problems

  • Improve the mounting situation

  • Detect external process influences from the environment

  • Automated Machine self diagnostics

  • Simple Process Monitoring

  • Optimization of machining & process parameters

  • Cost savings through reduced downtime and avoid capital machine damage

  • Higher machine availability

  • Longer machine lifespan

  • Planable machine downtime


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