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LMT Tools

Metal Cutting Tools

LMT Tools combines the competences of leading specialists in the field of precision tool technology. This pooled expertise enables us to develop and deliver tool solutions worldwide for processing materials ranging from high strength steel to composite materials.The machining of materials such as high-tensile steels, alloys, plastics and fibre-reinforced composites makes extreme demands on tool technology. At the interface between machine and workpiece, tools have a major impaction the performance of modern industrial production processes. Engineering competence at various disciplines is required to perfectly match precision tools and machining processes to the respective machine and workpiece at and.The LMT Tools Group encompasses manufacturing companies namely LMT BELIN, LMT FETTE, LMT KIENINGER and LMT ONSRUD. Various production and service facilities along with globally operating sales organizations are present.


  • Thread Rolling

  • Gear Cutting

  • Die and Mold

  • Milling and Threading

  • Advanced Tooling

  • Reaming

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